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Your most powerful tool in this chaotic environment is your Emotional Intelligence Landscape. Research shows that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important factors in leader success, interpersonal relationships, collaboration, and mental health. Most people are under-utilizing their Emotional Intelligence strengths. Many are unaware of areas that need a little tweaking. Increased awareness could translate to better performance, less stress, and increased engagement. Over the course of 6 weeks, one-hour weekly virtual session, you will gain practical knowledge and apply Emotional Intelligence skills which are prerequisites to respond skillfully to your own and others' emotions. Increase your threshold for complexity and be more flexible in the face of uncertainty. Operationalize Emotional Intelligence to increase your tolerance for ambiguity and respond more effectively when you encounter setbacks or challenges. This is a program of life transformation that has been created to challenge your current mindset, empower your consciousness, and re-ignite your desire to take action, so you can change the way you define what is possible for you. Program Curriculum  Self-awareness  Focus  Emotional balance  Empathy  Adaptability  Positive Outlook Once payment has been received, you will be contacted to schedule the first and subsequent sessions.

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