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Welcome to Self-Regulation or Emotional Self-Management! This course focuses on emotional self-regulation, which has been empirically linked to a number of professional and personal benefits. You strengthen your ability to regulate your emotional state when you understand how you are influenced by your: • Feelings • Reactions • Expectations • Thoughts • Judgments During the next few days, we will focus on helping you strengthen this ability through a combination of learning and exercises. What’s really possible? Resilience strengthening techniques are used by athletes, successful leaders, Special Forces operators, and martial arts masters. Keep in mind that none of those people started out performing at the levels they do today. They will all tell you that their growth developed through a lengthy series of short-term goals and conditioning activities. A big part of this process included the conscious refinement of their ability to cope with, accept, learn from, and ultimately better prepare for setbacks. The result: calm, level-headed thinking, a key to self-regulation. But it takes development. We are glad you are here to begin your own emotional self-regulating journey... Welcome aboard!

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