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Self-awareness is the hidden ingredient in lasting success. Remember that the choices you make have a ripple effect on those around you, including their willingness to help you. How you show up, such as with calmness and caring, is much more than a fuzzy, feel-good concept; it is about practical experiences that affect other people. It is about your ability to create a positive impact, and benefit from trusting and supportive relationships. The first step toward guiding our emotional ripple effect is self-awareness. What is self-awareness? Daniel Goleman’s model of Emotional Intelligence defines “self-awareness” as the ability to recognize what you are feeling and how this impacts your outcomes and relationships. In the broadest sense, self-awareness refers to our capacity for introspection, to be aware of our mind’s contents, reflect on them, and be aware of awareness itself”. To the degree that we can manage our emotional states, we are better able to manage these other elements of our lives as well.” We are glad you have decided to join us. Welcome Aboard!

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